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Application for Travel Support


The Health Security Innovators Small Grants program supports Pakistani scientists interested in advancing health security practices and policies in their country. Small grants are available for travel support, project seed funding, local/global competitions, and institutional placement. 

Travel support is awarded to an individual to attend conferences, meetings, and workshops that provide health security value to grant recipients. For example, HSP may provide a small grant to support travel to a domestic or international conference where the grant recipient will attend a workshop on biosafety best practices in resource-constrained settings.

Grants are open to individuals in the government, academic, and private sectors across Pakistan. Scientists in public health, veterinary, and agriculture are encouraged to apply. 

Grant amount varies depending upon conference/workshop venue and will cover airfare, hotel accommodation, event registration, meals, airport transfers, and visa fees. 

Grantee recipients agree to provide a post-trip report to Health Security Partners. The post-trip report must include a description of the sessions attended, lessons learned, photos, and a reflection on how the experience will help advance your career.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to keep these criteria in mind when they are applying for travel grant. A review committee of subject-matter experts will evaluate applications based on the following criteria:
  • Does the theme of the conference/workshop address a global health security challenge?
  • What is your purpose of attendance in the conference/workshop (e.g. poster presentation, oral presentation, etc.)?
  • Considering your academic and professional background, how will this travel experience help advance your career?
Please note that the application review process may take 8-12 weeks.