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Application for Project Seed Funding


The Health Security Innovators Small Grants program supports Pakistani scientists interested in advancing health security practices and policies in their country. Small grants are available for travel support, project seed funding, local/global competitions, and institutional placement. 

Project seed funding is awarded to an individual or group of individuals for a proposed intervention/solution to a local health security challenge. For example, HSP may provide a small grant to support a PhD student in developing a survey on dual-use knowledge of incoming PhD students and conduct a training series based on survey results.

Grants vary depending on the scope and depth of the proposal. Awards range from US $1,000-$5,000 for 1-3 months of work. Applicants are encouraged to develop low cost, high impact proposals, as outlined in the grant criteria below. 

Grantee recipients agree to provide the following to Health Security Partners: 
  • Detailed monthly reports with project progress such as lesson plans, training curriculum, agenda, and photos
  • Final report with lessons learned, success stories, challenges identified, and future recommendations for project
Applicants are strongly encouraged to keep these 5 criteria in mind as they are developing their project proposal. A review committee of subject-matter experts will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:
  1. Does your project effectively define and address a global health security challenge?
  2. Is your project innovative? Does it propose a unique approach?
  3. Is your project cost effective? Does it have a strong return on investment and potential for long-term impact?
  4. How will the project’s impact be monitored and evaluated? What are its measurable targets and indicators?
  5. Does the project leverage local resources, build upon existing work (research, programs, etc.), and/or support collaboration with other local stakeholders?
Please note that the application review process may take 8-12 weeks.