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Southsiders for Biking and Walking Bike Lanes Survey

Hello neighbor!

Southsiders for Biking and Walking is a neighborhood civic group advocating for safe places to bike and walk in Richmond south of the James River. Thank you for taking this survey to better understand current behavior and preferences of those living in and traveling to Westover Hills Blvd and desires to see better access for people walking and biking. We are confident that there is a design solution that can accommodate all modes of transportation for people of all ages and abilities.

Please click here if you would like more information about SSBW’s previous meetings, events, and cleanups over the past year that demonstrate our commitment to the Westover Hills community.

Westover Hills Blvd is a crucial connection for people walking, biking, and driving to and from Forest Hill Ave and the Boulevard Bridge (aka Nickel Bridge). There are bike lanes on Forest Hill Ave east of its intersection with Westover Hills Blvd, and the Richmond Bicycle Master Plan calls for buffered bike lanes (bike lanes with a wide painted buffer separating the motor vehicle lanes) along Westover Hills Blvd. The Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) can be found here: While the BMP recommends improvements to Westover Hills Blvd farther south, we have been advised from city staff that the logical and reasonable first phase of bike lanes along the corridor would be in the section between Forest Hill Ave to the south and Evelyn Byrd to the north.

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1. Resident information. *This question is required.We will use this information to remove duplicate submissions and to understand if you live on Westover Hills Blvd, in the neighborhood, or somewhere else in the city or region. We will not share any of this information with anyone other than Richmond City Staff who may need to verify the submissions for professional planning purposes. We will only add you to our mailing list if you request it.
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