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Far West Workforce Development and Planning 2019


You are invited to participate in research into the emerging trends and skill shortages in Far West NSW.

* This survey should take approx. 20 minutes to complete and your response will help develop strategies to address the future workforce needs of the region.

* Your 20 minutes is a significant investment in the future of our region and your business.

* In this survey you WILL NOT be asked any questions about the finances of your organisation.

In 2016 Regional Development Australia Far West (RDA Far West) conducted the Far West Workforce Development Study. Our region has changed over the past few years and many service providers and training organisations have based their planning around the response from employers in the previous study.

In partnership with the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, NSW Department of Industry - Skills and Economic Development, Central Darling Shire Council, Broken Hill City Council and Country Universities Centre Far West we are updating the study to better understand the current environment and ensure the region can continue to meet our workforce needs, promote the positives of our region and build our population to meet those needs. 

Skill shortages are commonly reported across Australia and have been reported as being amongst the biggest issues faced in the Australian Labour Market, likewise skill shortages have often been raised in our region as a barrier to growth. Whilst data is available from Commonwealth Departments it is not always specific for our region and doesn't allow for the development of strategies to address skill shortages and training requirements and doesn't allow for the region to plan for the short, medium and long term requirements of industry.

Many issues have been raised over recent years as concerns and barriers to regional employment, including;
  • Job readiness has been raised as a common concern and some employers have raised issues in the local media that some job seekers, particularly young people and the long term unemployed are not job ready, or ready for the world of work
  • Training doesn't align with the needs of the region
  • Issues around workforce attraction and retention
We are conducting this research to determine;
  • If the region really does suffer from skill shortages and whether that situation has changed since the 2016 study
  • If so, what are the skill shortage areas
  • What skills are we likely to require into the future
  • What training will the region require to match the predicted skill shortages
  • How transferable are the skills that currently exist in the region
  • How job ready are our job seekers
From the outcomes of the research we will work with all stakeholders in the region to develop strategies to address identified shortages, issues and perceptions.

Retention of our young people and creating stronger career pathways for all are key strategies to economic diversity, job creation and strong growth for our region. RDA Far West are committed to working across the entire region with all stakeholders to support economic diversity and growth.

Your privacy is important. You can participate in this survey anonymously, however we would like to be able to contact you at a later date to discuss the outcomes of this survey and any strategies considered or developed to address any issues raised. You do not need to provide your contact details or the name of your organisation to participate, however if you do your information will be treated with the strictest confidence. Any information you provide will not be shared and will only be used to inform the survey and planning to address issues raised. We will not identify you and your responses in any documents or reports.

If you would like to know more please contact
Regional Development Australia Far West NSW 
353 Blende Street, Broken Hill, 2880, NSW
Phone; 08 8087 8383

Thank you for your time, without a significant number of responses from the region we cannot work with stakeholders to try and address any issues raised.