Feedback on MHB's Ethical Framework

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MHB's Ethical Framework Feedback Form
Men Having Babies has developed a framework of ethical guidelines and best practices as part of our goal to promote surrogacy practices that minimize the risks and maximize the benefits to all involved.  Here is a link to the draft proposal which was developed with the help of our new surrogates advisory board.

We welcome feedback on these ethical guidelines and invite you to share your thoughts and comments with us. Please note that you will be asked to provide a valid email and contact information on the next screen.

The framework is comprised of three levels: a Statement of Principles, Baseline Protocols for Providers, and Recommended Best Practices for intended parents. Please pay attention to the purpose of each section, and also that we would like to keep this document focused on issues with ethical relevance, and not about general advice about planning a surrogacy journey, budgeting, choosing providers, saving on costs, etc.

It should also be clarified that MHB is not a professional association. While some of the people who helped develop these recommendations are highly skilled professionals, this document is not meant to provide professional medical, legal or psychological advice. We offer these best practices based on the experience of a large number of surrogacy parents, and suggest that IPs seek professional advice to supplement our input whenever they see fit.
This section proposes principles upon which a desired voluntary or regulatory surrogacy framework should be based. These principles stand behind the Baseline Protocols and Best Practices outlined below, and can serve as a general rules regarding issues that were not covered by them. Note however that this is not a section where we would like to get into details about specific practices.
This section includes a checklist of the most critical practices or protocols for an ethical surrogacy journey. Once debated and accepted, we will consider these to be the bare minimum standard that  Providers should allow if they wish to be featured in our directory or participate at our conferences and the Gay Parenting Assistance Program. Therefore the items in this section should be clear protocols that providers have control over, and not practices that are recommended for IPs, surrogates or donors.
The recommendations in this section highlight the various steps intended parents can take to make their surrogacy journey in line with their ethical principles. It goes beyond the previously outlined Baseline Protocols.  Nevertheless it is clear that people may have different views or emphasis regarding some of these practices, and that some may not be as applicable across various circumstances or cultures.
This space is meant for general feedback on the entire document / initiative, etc.