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Peter Barron Stark’s Leadership Self-Assessment

Welcome to Peter Barron Stark’s Leadership Self-Assessment. You have just taken the first step towards improving your skills as a leader.  The survey below is designed to assess your self-perceived strengths and areas for improvement.  When completing the survey, be humble and honest about where you believe you are currently functioning in terms of the skills versus where you would like to be.  This is the only way to gain the true and accurate assessment needed to highlight your strengths and identify areas for growth.

Fill-in the information below, which is needed to send you your assessment.  Then, answer the questions based on the following scale:

1-2                         Strongly Disagree
3-4-5                     Disagree
6-7-8                     Agree
9-10                      Strongly Agree

Congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming an even stronger leader.