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Georgia SRTS School Profile-2016

Application for Technical Assistance for a Safety-focused SRTS Report

This school profile is a first step in preparing for developing a SRTS Travel Plan.  The School Outreach Coordinator working in your territory will help you complete this school profile. All of the information here will be used in your school’s travel plan.  It will also be used to guide activities involved in preparing your travel plan.  For example, the walkabout that is part of one of your SRTS Travel Plan team meetings will be set based on the walking routes and locations of barriers to walking and bicycling to school identified in this School Profile.

You’ll need basic information about your school and your school’s SRTS program.  In addition, you’ll need the following information to complete this application:

School demographics
  • Current year enrollment
  • Enrollment by grade
  • Student addresses (no names, please)
  • Number of students living within ½ mile, 1 mile, 1 ½ mile, and 2 miles (may not need this if student addresses are provided in a spreadsheet or GIS layer).
  • Number of students who regularly take the bus, walk, bike, and arrive by private vehicle
 SRTS program
  • Student travel tallies
  • Parent surveys
  • Participation in national, state and other walking and bicycling events
  • Other
 School support for walking and bicycling
  • Crossing guards – number of placement during arrival and dismissal
  • Presence of bike racks
 Transportation network
  • Who owns the roads in your school neighborhood?
  • General presence and condition of sidewalks
  • General presence and completeness of road crossings (i.e., are there crosswalks, traffic lights/stop signs, pedestrian signals?)
  • Amount of vehicle traffic and the speed limits of the roads surrounding your school
 Maps and school documents
  • Arrival and dismissal procedures
  • Arrival and dismissal windows
  • Map of arrival dismissal routes by mode
  • Attendance zone
Do you anticipate any changes in your school situation in the near future, e.g., expansion, campus re-design, re-zoning, governance, etc.

Click here to download a pdf of the application to use for planning.