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Roobrik Care Fit Tool Survey

Thank you for volunteering to be a tester for Roobrik's new Care Fit Tool.  We've designed this to help people like you learn more about your care needs and options, and decide if it's time to get more help.  There are three steps, and it should take you less than 10 minutes overall.
  1. Answer one question below (<1 minute)
  2. Select the link to launch the Roobrik Care Fit Tool in a new window (5-8 minutes)
  3. Return to this survey to answer 4 more questions (2 minutes)
Thank you for your help!
1. Are you currently or have you been a caregiver?  By this we mean you provide unpaid care or supervision of an elderly, frail, or disabled person. This could include activities such as providing companionship and phone contact, assisting with meals, household responsibilities, finance, medicines, and helping with worries, anxiety and emotional needs.
Next, please try the Roobrik Care Fit tool.  You will be asked 23 questions about your situation and what’s important to you. Based on your answers, you will receive a Care Needs Score, an overview of your options, and what you can do next. After you have used the tool, please be sure to come back and finish this survey. We really appreciate your feedback.

Instructions: You should be able to explore this tool in a new browser or window. The survey window should remain open on your screen (please do not close), allowing you to return and continue answering survey questions. Once you have tried using the tool, please return to this page.

Please click here to be connected to the website.  
When you're done using the Care Fit Tool, select Next below to continue.