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Create Your Personalized Quit Smoking Plan

Answer The Following Questions To Guide You In Creating Your Own Plan

**Make sure to email yourself you answers after finishing.
Answering the following questions will help guide you to create your own Quit Smoking Plan.

If you skipped over the previous 4 pages, start here:  Learn How To Quit Smoking Here

At the end you will be able to email yourself your own answers to keep as you prepare to quit smoking.
2. How Is Your Knowledge Of Smoking & Smoking Cessation?
3. What Was Your Score On The Nicotine Dependence Quiz?
4. Do You Understand The Habit Loop Of Smoking?
5. When Do You Typically Smoke?
6. What Usually Triggers You To Smoke?
7. Besides Avoiding Nicotine Withdrawal, Why Do You Smoking?
8. What Reasons Do You Want To Quit Smoking?
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
11. Have You Signed Up For Quit Texts?  (Sign Up Exactly 1 Week Before Quitting)

Quit Texts Sign Up
12. Have You Shopped For Quit Smoking Aids?

The Quit Company, LLC Amazon Storefront
13. What Will You Do When You Are Triggered To Smoke?
14. Which New Healthy Habits And Lifestyle Changes Will You Make?
15. What Are You Going To Do To Reward Yourself For Successfully Quitting Smoking?!
This question requires a valid email address.
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