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Bonython-ABW Water Tanks Project 2016 v2


Explanatory text

The Warren Bonython Memorial Water Tanks Project has been started to collect data from ABW members so that we can choose the best sites for (hopefully) four new water tanks to be constructed during 2016. We are looking for locations which offer interesting walking but which have unreliable water or where you currently have to arrange water drops.

We are especially keen to get the input of members who have ventured to the more remote areas but which are seldom visited these days because of a lack of water.

The Friends of the Heysen Trail and Other Trails have undertaken this task for the Heysen Trail and some other on-trail locations already. Our work will be to augment their achievements.

Based on data collected in the survey, we will determine a short list of locations which we will visit to verify the data and decide the most suitable.

Some of the questions in the survey ask for detailed data. If you are unsure, please enter the best information that you have and allow the committee to seek additional information if required. Whilst the first intention is to install a suitable sized roof to catch rainwater and store it in a water tank there are other alternatives e.g. re-commissioning of an abandoned bore.

It is not possible to see any sites proposed by other members, so if you have an idea for a site please enter it yourself.

To maintain the pace of the Project please enter your data in the attached online survey by 15 January 2016. If you prefer to enter your data in a Word document, then please reply to the email that forwarded this Survey to you or download the Word format form on the club website.  
Please give the grid reference of your proposed location of the tank, using either
  • the method on the front of most topographic maps which produces a 6 figure grid reference, or
  • your GPS or digital mapping system e.g. OziExplorer which will give a 13 figure grid reference
10. What is the current intensity of use of the area by walkers? *This question is required.
11. What is the potential intensity of use by walkers after the provision of tanks?
14. Describe any nearby topographic features. *This question is required.
This question requires a valid number format.
Further submissions

If you wish to submit another water tank location, please copy the link below, BEFORE pressing the SUBMIT button, and then paste the link into your browser to begin the description of the second location. There is no limit to the number of sites you can propose.


Thank you for your time and expertise in completing this survey, which has the potential to increase the diversity of walks available and extend the walking season in drier areas.

Duncan Chessel
Warren Bonython Memorial Water Tanks Project.
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