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Exemption Housing Appeal Form-5 Reasons

Western Colorado University Exemption Housing Appeal Form

This Appeal form is used for the following students:
  1. Student is married-please provide documentation of marriage certificate.
  2. Student is living with parents or a legal guardian.  Verification needed-Letter from parents or legal guardian with cell number and address of home with signature from parent/guardian and a utility bill with the parent or guardians name on it.
  3. Student is at least 21 years of age by the first day of classes without a signed housing contract.
  4. Student has lived on-campus for the equivalent of two full academic years at another college or university. Verification needed-signed letter from the department of residence life stating the years that the student was on-campus.
  5. Student is an honorably discharged Veteran. Verification needed.
7. What is your appeal based upon, please select below.
9. Verification or Documentation Attachments *This question is required.