Scientist Expression of Interest

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Welcome and thank you for sharing your interest with the Building with Biology project team. By filling out this brief form, you're expressing an interest to participate in a Summer 2016 Building with Biology event in your local community.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the Building with Biology project aims to create conversations in science centers and science museums among scientists (including engineers and other researchers) and public audiences about the fast-growing research field of synthetic biology, how research is carried out, potential technologies, and their societal and ethical implications.  During the summer of 2016, Building with Biology events will take place at 200 sites across the United States, facilitating opportunities for visitors and scientists to explore the societal dimensions of synthetic biology and learn from one another [read more about eligibility].

How can you get involved?
We welcome graduate students, professors, scientists and researchers, industry professionals and members of the synthetic biology community (and related fields) to participate in Building with Biology events in your local community. As a scientist participant:
  • You will benefit from hearing public perspectives directly from the public participants and have the opportunity to share your own research and perspectives with the public.
  • You will get an opportunity to use science communication techniques by engaging with public participants through hands-on activities and conversations in public forums about synthetic biology.
  • You will have the opportunity for professional development through participation in online training in science communication and public engagement provided by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
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