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Elements of weddings in the UK in the last 2 years.

Survey on weddings

A survey for any Bride or Groom’s that have got married in the UK in the past two years.

I am undertaking a research study on consumerism in weddings as part of my undergraduate dissertation and would greatly appreciate people filling out my questionnaire. It is a short questionnaire consisting of questioning what you included in your wedding and why.

The questionnaire will take around 10 minutes.

Please pass on to your friends and family if they have been married in the UK in the past two years, using this link:

All responses will remain confidential and are for the sole purpose of this study. On completion of this study you are consenting for your answers to be used in the research findings. 
1. Where did you get married?
2. Did the bride wear a white dress?
3. Who gave speeches during the wedding day? Please tick all that apply.
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4. Did the you cut your wedding cake in front of your guests?
5. Did you give wedding favours for the day guests?
6. Did you go on a honeymoon?
7. Did you strive to create a unique experience for the guests with their wedding day?
8. Did you predominantly organise the wedding day, or did anyone else play a key role in the planning of the day?
9. Did you wish to portray a certain image of yourselves when making decisions surrounding their wedding day?
10. Did you include any of the following elements in your wedding day:
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11. Are you male or female?
12. How old are you?
13. Please choose which of the following describes yourself
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