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Legend of the Innkeeper Annual Listener Survey

1. How often do you listen to the show?
2. How long do you typically wait to listen to new episodes?
3. Do you subscribe to the show through your Podcast player?
4. What device(s) do you use to listen to the show?
5. What other podcasts do you listen to frequently?
6. How often do you visit the website,
9. Please rate the following attributes when thinking about the Legend of the Innkeeper podcast.
Space Cell BadPoorNeutralGoodExcellent
Audio Quality
Video Quality (
Length of Episodes
12. What would you like to hear us cover more of?
13. The last questions are just demographic questions so that we can better understand you as a listener. Knowing the make up of our listener audience helps us better fine tune the show to you. 

What is your age?
14. What is your gender?
15. We pride ourselves on being a family friendly podcast but we wonder how many are listening with their families. So do you listen with your family or children?
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