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Readers' Choice Awards

Monadnock Shopper News 2023 Readers' Choice Awards


1. This is a Monadnock Region readers’ poll; only places that are actually in or adjoining this area are eligible.
2. You may vote only once (duplicate entries will be deleted). Vote in as many categories as you wish,
     but YOU MUST MAKE AT LEAST 15 PICKS. Any fewer than 15 will disqualify ALL your votes!
3. You must fill out your name, and phone number or e-mail in order for your vote to count. We will not use this information
     for any reason other than to validate entries.
4. Scroll to the bottom of this survey and hit the SUBMIT button to register your votes.
5. Submit your completed ballot to us by Friday, February 17, 2023 at 4 pm. Ballots received after this time will not be tallied.