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Personalised Book Survey

Personalised Books

Many thanks for agreeing to take this survey!

We are creating a new picture book for 3 - 7 year olds that can be ordered online.  You will be able to create a likeness of your child (called an avatar) which will appear, along with your child's name, throughout the book.

You will also be able to choose 5 story sections (from a list of 20), each one about a certain topic your child loves. They can be an astronaut, princess, train driver, pop star, deep sea diver - all sorts!  This makes the whole book personalised to your child and the things they enjoy.

None of these questions are required but the more you answer, the better ;) 
1. Do any of your children own a personalised book?
2. Did you or your partner buy it, or was it a gift?
4. Do you use picture books to encourage your child to read?  For example, pointing at words and helping your child to sound them out.
5. Do you think your child would like to read a story in which they are the star?
6. Here are some examples of avatars created for 6 children.

Using the grid below, tell us how similar you think the illustrations are for each child.
Space Cell Not very similarSomewhat similarQuite similarA good likeness
8. Here are some examples of hair styles.

Which of these hair style options would you select for your own child?  Please ignore the colour of the hair and focus on the style when answering this question.
10. Here are some examples of hair colours.

Which of these hair colour options would you select for your own child?
12. Here are some examples of skin tones.

Which of these skin tone options would you select for your own child?
14. Here are some example eye colours.

Which of these eye colour options would you select for your own child?
16. Do you think your child would recognise themselves in the choices you have made?
Choose 5 options which your child likes, aspires to or is interested in
18. Did you have trouble choosing 5 options which relate to your child?
19. Would you prefer less choice and have found it easier choosing 3 options?
21. Could you choose 5 story lines for a child who wasn't your own, eg., a niece or nephew?
23. We're very early in the development of this exciting new book and any help you might be able to give later on down the line would be hugely appreciated. Would you be happy to answer a few more questions in the future?
We will never email you about anything other than future surveys and won't share your information with anyone else. This question requires a valid email address.
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