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Stress Less

Stress Assessment Questionnaire

This survey assesses individual stress levels and will give you an indication of your stress levels in comparison to the general population. 
In time, when we have sufficient sampling data, we will be able to show reports of the stress levels for various demographic segments of the population in various parts of the globe
Your information is completely private and 100% confidential.

This survey should not take more than 5 - 10 minutes. (It depends on how long you think before answering a question)
1. How much stress are you experiencing?
Most of us have stress at times, it is part of daily life.
This reflects your experience, no matter what others may think.
... each of the lines needs a response....

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Space Cell NeverAlmost neverRarelyOccasionallySometimesFairly oftenOftenMost of the timeAll the time
No stress
Mild stress
Medium stress
Moderate stress
Major stress