2016 Iowa Caucus Experiences

2016 Iowa Caucus Experiences
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Disability Rights Iowa would like to know about your experiences at the Iowa Caucuses.   Did you attend or not?   Did you encounter barriers to attending?
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3. Did you participated in the Iowa Caucuses? *This question is required.
4. If so, where was your Caucus site located?
5. For your caucus site, answer True or False for each accessibility statement below.
5. For your caucus site, answer True or False for each accessibility statement below.TrueFalse
The caucus site was physically accessible to people with disabilities and had a path of travel from the parking lot to the entrance that was clear of barriers?
There is public transportation available to provide individuals a way to reach the caucus site?
The notice for the caucus included an offer to provide materials in alternate format, such as computer disk, large print or audio tape for individuals who are blind or hearing-impaired?
The event notice included an offer to provide accommodation for disability, contact information for obtaining the accommodation and that said accommodation could be provided where reasonable?
The caucus provided sign language interpreters, assistive listening equipment and other accommodations necessary so that persons who are deaf or hard of hearing may fully participate in the event?
The caucus site had clear signage to indicate the entrance, restroom facilities and parking areas or had volunteers in key areas to give directions?
A microphone or other method to amplify speech was used during the caucus?
The caucus room was set up with plenty of space for wheelchair access?
Respectful language was used in party communications when referring to people with disabilities, avoiding antiquated terms such as “wheelchair-bound” and stereotyping references to people with psychiatric, intellectual and other disabilities?
Optional Questions if you are willing to be contacted to share more about your experiences at the Iowa Caucus.