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Fisherman's Reader Assessment

2. Which types of fishing do you participate in (check all that apply)?
3. What types of fishing do you engage in (check all that apply):
4. How often do you fish (check one):
5. How much money would you say you spend on fishing gear/equipment per year (check one)?
6. When you fish, do you most often… (check one)
7. The following describes me best (check one):
8. In terms of my social circle (check one):
9. I am currently:
10. My Annual Household Income is:
11. When searching for fishing content, I turn to… (check all that apply)
12. In terms of fishing content, I prefer (check all that apply):
13. In terms of stories I read I prefer… (check one)
14. In terms of content that I read I prefer (check one):
15. In terms of the type of fishing being covered I want to (check all that apply):
16. I read these publications regularly... (check all that apply)
17. In terms of the current state of fishing literature, I like to read (check all apply):
18. When reading fishing content I prefer to read:
19. In the way of fishing content, where do you like getting content (check all that apply):
20. How much time do you estimate that you spend reading fishing magazines per month (check one)?