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Dear Fellow Earthling

Would you like to take part in an experiment in local democracy? This questionnaire is a more-or-less exact copy of the one designed for Coupar Angus & Bendochy in Scotland. It incorporates a new social capital calculator.
The questionnaire is the first stage in a process of developing a local community plan. It asks you to consider what you need from your local community, and how well your community meets those needs in reality.  
If your community was going to try out the process as we are attempting to do in Coupar Angus (contact us for help, no charge), your next step would be to form a number of research groups. These would analyse completed questionnaires, carry out additional research and help draft a Local Community Plan.

Your Research Groups would continue to meet every few months to monitor how well the Action Plan is progressing, and modify it in light of changing circumstances.

If you would like to know how we are getting on in Coupar Angus & Bendochy, please make a point of regularly visiting our website at

Yours sincerely