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ACRO Accreditation Application Form

ACRO Application for Accreditation

Please fill out the following information. This will be used to determine the appropriate fees and to setup an appropriate online profile for your practice's upcoming accreditation.  Please be sure to enter the correct Practice Name and Practice Coordinator name as this information will be on all documents.

Make sure to print out each page for your records. If paying by check, have your printed application mailed with it. Mail checks to:

5272 River Road, Suite 500
Bethesda, MD 20816
1. Please select the Type of Accreditation You are Requesting *This question is required.
Payment Method
Payment must be submitted in US dollars either drawn on a bank in the United States, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. An Invoice will be sent to the practice coordinator listed.

Fees as of July 28, 2017:
Principal Practice:    $8750
Additional Practice:  $3500
Travel Expenses: Variable Based On Practice Location
Practice Coordinator

The designated contact person at a practice applying for accreditation.  This individual is the single point of contact with ACRO and coordinates each practice's accreditation.
9. Additional Practices
An additional practice is one that has a common medical director, a common physics director, a common physicians’ peer review process, common and uniform treatment methods, uniform charts and forms and is located within a 50 mile radius of the principal practice. An additional practice may have no more than three linacs.  There is a maximum of two additional practices to each principal practice.  Travel fees for additional onsite surveys may apply. *This question is required.