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A + School of Excellence Application

A+ School of Excellence 2018-2019 Application


The Arizona Educational Foundation launched the A+ School of Excellence™ Program in 1983 as a comprehensive school assessment tool to identify, celebrate, and recognize overall educational excellence in schools throughout Arizona. The program was created to: identify and give public recognition to outstanding public schools in Arizona; make available a comprehensive framework of key criteria for school effectiveness that can serve as a basis for participatory school self-assessment and planning; and facilitate communication and sharing of best practices and outstanding practices within and among schools based on common criteria related to success. The A+ School of Excellence™ award is a powerful energizer for increasing public confidence in recognized schools, often resulting in greater parent and community involvement and support.  



Schools that ultimately earn the A+ School of Excellence™ designation consistently:

  • Model quality and equity
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to academic excellence
  • Meet rigorous teaching and learning standards
  • Respond successfully to the changing environment of education
  • Cultivate learning-centered, safe school environments
  • Support the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of all their students
  • Focus on the individual needs of every child
  • Are recognized for their superior ability to go above and beyond the norm in providing services to children, families, and the local community
  • Demonstrate high or improving levels of student achievement
  • Model innovation in classroom instruction and programs
  • Implement goals through extensive collaborative involvement of parents and community
  • Provide evidence of high levels of satisfaction and consensus
  • Unify all stakeholders in assuring quality and equity in all aspects of the school’s programs
  • Engage all stakeholders in strategic thinking and planning toward continuous improvement
Schools selected for the award retain the status for three and ½ years; they receive $500 and signage or a banner for display on campus. Schools that earn the award agree to comply with AEF™ authorized logo and name usage requirements related to the A+ School of Excellence™ designation.