JEA/NSPA Partner Project application

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Please help us learn about you, your school and your program by completing this application.

Note: The application process requires principal participation; after you submit this form, you'll receive a separate link to share with your principal. Both forms must be completed by April 1, 2017.
10. Student population *This question is required.
12. Years teaching/advising journalism *This question is required.
15. Which student-run publications exist at your school? (Please indicate only those actively publishing/airing.) *This question is required.
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16. How many students are enrolled in journalism/media courses at your school? *This question is required.
17. What percentage of your journalism/media students represent students of color? *This question is required.
18. Does your principal or any other administrator/school official read student media content before it is published, aired or released for public consumption?
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19. Who makes all final decisions of content for your student-run media?
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20. Are you a member of the Journalism Education Association? *This question is required.
21. Are any of the student publications at your school members of the National Scholastic Press Association? *This question is required.
22. Are you or the student publications at your school members of any local, state or regional press associations?  *This question is required.
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