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Thank you for taking the time to complete this short survey on our e-learning course, Doing Good Without Bribery. Your feedback is important to us, allowing us to improve the course to better suit our users' needs. The survey takes approximately six minutes to complete.
1. How relevant was the course to your work?
Not at all relevantSomewhat irrelevantUnsureSomewhat relevantVery relevant
2. Was it intuitive and easy to navigate?
3. How did you find the length of the course?
UnworkableToo long in partsNeutralManageableRight balance
4. Are you a manager or do you have legal responsibility for operations in your organisation?
5. Was the course useful to you in your role as a manager?
5. Does the course cover the bribery and corruption risks facing your organisation?
5. Are there any other risks you would like to see covered?
6. Can we contact you to discuss your suggestions? (If yes, please provide your name and email address)