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Fuller Working Lives - making informed choices (still working)

Thank you for taking part in this survey, which should take about 10 minutes to complete.

For people who are still working and are over 50, we are interested to learn whether you have made plans for your later life, and what or who will influence you in making these decisions, and where you will go for relevant information?
1. Have you started to contemplate or weigh up plans for your later life?
If your answer is "no" please go to Question No 8) *This question is required.
2. If so, when did this happen?
8. Do you know how much income you will need in retirement? *This question is required.
10. Do you know how much State pension you expect to receive? *This question is required.
12. Are you aware you can pay voluntary contributions to improve your State Pension? *This question is required.
13. If you expect to retire from your main job at or before 60/65 (note your actual state retirement date may be later than this), please select the main reson(s) for this: *This question is required.
14. Have you made a decision about when you will retire? *This question is required.
16. Where would you expct to find messages about retirement planning? *This question is required.
20. Does your employer offer flexible working for older workers? *This question is required.
21. Here is a list of things that your employer could do to help you keep working - please state which of these your employer offers: *This question is required.
22. Which of these are you curently doing? *This question is required.
23. Which of these would you be interested in doing? *This question is required.
24. Do you intend to work beyond 60/65? If so what is the main reason?
25. How do you imagine you will feel once you've retired? - please indicate on the seven point scale below, where 1 is very discontented and 7 very happy/contented
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