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Autism Transition Survey: Education & VR Collaboration

Informed Consent

You are invited to participate in a research study under the direction of Dr. Scott Beveridge in the Department of Counseling and Dr. Joan Kester in the Department Special Education and Disability Studies from the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at The George Washington University (GWU). Taking part in this research is entirely voluntary. The status of your employment will not, in any way, be affected should you choose not to participate or if you decide to withdraw from the study at any time.

The purpose of the study is to enhance our understanding of the needs of services for individuals with autism spectrum disorders transitioning to adult work, as well as the professional development needs of school and Vocational Rehabilitation personnel serving this population. This research involves collecting demographic data and a series of questions intended to gauge the preparation and utilization of services. If you choose to participate in this study, you will be asked to complete an online survey. The total amount of time you will spend in connection with this study is about 10-15 minutes. You may refuse to answer any question, and you may stop your participation in this research at any time. 

Section one of the survey collects demographic information. Section two consists questions related to provider feelings of preparation and importance regarding knowledge domains needed to best perform in this role. Section three consists of questions looking to ascertain the frequency with which certain services are offered at the place where you currently work. Section four consists of a few open ended responses to allow for clarification and other comments. Possible risks or discomforts you could experience during this study include: minimal stress from the assessment of your opinions. In the unlikely event that this should occur, a resource will be provided should you wish to discuss any discomfort that surfaces in connection with this study. Available upon request, you will be directed to Mental Health Services at the George Washington University who will assist in finding a resource more convenient to your needs and location. 

You will not benefit directly from your participation in the study in any other way. The benefits to science and humankind that may result from this research include: helping to increase the knowledge of what is needed for both practitioners and clients to transition to adult work. Your information and the status of your participation will be confidential. The data collected will be anonymous, and no names or other specific identifying information will be collected at any time. If the results of this study are reported in scientific journals or at professional meetings, the people who participated will not be named or identified. Our safeguards ensure no risk of breaching confidentiality.

The Office of Human Research at GWU, at telephone number (202) 994-2715, can provide further information about your rights as a research participant. Further information about the specifics of this study can be obtained by contacting Dr. Beveridge, the co-principal investigator, at telephone number (202) 994-2473 or email To ensure anonymity, your signature is not required on this document. Your willingness to participate in this study is implied if you proceed with completing the survey.