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PIA Day at AAIC 2016

PIA Day at AAIC 2016
Marketing Form & Logistical Requirements
Saturday, July 23, 2016

Toronto, Canada
The Alzheimer's Association looks forward to your PIA's participation in PIA Day at AAIC 2016. This form will be used to collect marketing and logistical details for your 90 minute time slot. The information will be used to market your program to your PIA members and all ISTAART members.  

Meeting Room Logistics:
  • Each meeting room will be equipped with a podium, microphone, LCD projector, PC computer, head panel table with chairs.
  • Room setup: theatre seating.
  • Coffee and snack items will be provided.
Please submit your form by the deadline of June 3, 2016.  Planning details about your PIA's business meeting will be sent separately.