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State Of The ESL Industry

It's time for us all to understand the industry we work in better!

The Select Teachers' Sate Of The ESL Industry Survey aims to give a common benchmark on certain issues that affect us all. Working hours and conditions, class sizes and technology. The data that we collect through this survey is anonymous and the consolidated results will be made freely available to everyone on

So please take three minutes to complete the survey, and please share with your ESL colleagues ( The more responses we get the better the quality of the results.
7.   Who do you teach ? *This question is required.
14. If you plan on leaving ESL teaching in the next 2 years, please tell us why ?
15. Please tick all of the presentation facilities that are available to you in your classroom at least 50% of your teaching hours. *This question is required.
16. I believe in 5 years time we wont use printed books anymore in the ESL classroom *This question is required.
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