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GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants Training survey

Introduction to Survey

You are invited to participate in this industry survey and enhance your understanding of the market for natural refrigerants training (carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, ammonia, water, air) across the globe.
The collected survey results will be analysed and used to complement our on-going research for shecco Market Development’s upcoming publications, GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants Training in Europe & North America, which will be released later in 2016.
Why participate?

Survey participants will receive the results of this survey for free and companies/organisations already active in natural refrigerant-based training are also eligible to receive a free directory entry in the GUIDE Training Directory. The Directory will aim to inform the market and aid those who wish to receive training on natural refrigerants.

Who should answer?

This survey is designed for industry experts and commercial/industrial end users, associations, training institutes as well as universities. The questionnaire takes around 15 minutes to complete, depending on the level of detail you provide, and there is a maximum of 30 questions.
All results will remain anonymous and only aggregated data will be used to outline the current and future situation for training on natural refrigerants. Thank you for your time and participation!