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Apply to become a Premium-topo author

Apply to become a Premium-topo author

Thank you for being interested about making topos! 27 Crags Premium topos offer an excellent way to publish topos easily without risk, get them a lot of visibility and collect income for the development of an area. So far Premium topos have collected more than 50.000€ for our topo authors.

In order to send you more detailed information on how the Premium topos work and how much your topos can earn, please answer the questions below. After filling this form, we will be in touch with you soon with more information. All your information will be treated confidentially.

If you have any questions or want to link us with a potential topo author, just drop us an email: tim(at)27crags(dot)com.


Quotes from our topo authors:
"It's a pleasure for me to collaborate with 27 Crags and thanks to their involvement, 27 Crags contributes in a new way to the
evolution of one of the most beautiful cliffs in the world."
Laurent Girousse, Céüse topo author
"I have found 27 crags to have the most ethical approach compared to any other online topo application, putting great importance on returning to the local community. I find this really important." Georgios Chaziris, Athens topo author 

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2. How many years have you been climbing?
3. What type of climbing do you prefer?
5. As a Premium topo editor, are you working
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