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College Leaders at the UN: Korea - 2016

General Data

WFUNA hosts a week-long program at the UN Headquarters for selected college leaders around the world. The distinguished students will be given the opportunity to experience the world of multilateralism by tackling a given topic being discussed among UN member states. The program is designed to give young people a global mindset, while empowering them with practical skills needed to succeed in the global arena.

The program is intended to give future leaders of countries the opportunity to broaden their professional knowledge and experience by acquainting themselves with advanced methods and techniques. The selected group is provided with training on their specific tasks, and is given the chance to issue a joint public statement to encourage youth to participate in the works of the UN.


All applicants must be a Republic of Korea passport holder, and registered at an accredited university during the year 2016.

Korean university applicants: only candidates nominated by their respective universities may participate as a representative of said university. All applications must be processed through participating universities. For questions, please contact

International applicants: candidates may apply without the nomination of their respective universities using this Application Form.

This year's program will be held at the New York UN Headquarters in Manhattan, NY from August 15th to 19th, 2016. Upon admission to the program, the student must complete the payment of $2,000 total ($1,500 training fee including hotel accommodation and $500 administration fee) to finalize their registration. The training fee and administrative fee does not cover: airfare, transportation, insurance, breakfast/dinner, and other personal expenses.

The schedule of program this year is as follows:
-  Period of Activity: August 15th to August 19th, 2016
-  Training in Korea: Every Saturday from April 30th to May 14th (participation optional)

eadline for all international applications is 5:30PM,  April 15, 2016 (EST).
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