CJJ 2017 Conference- Workshop Proposal

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CONFERENCE TITLE                                                                                                     

Access, Accountability, & Advocacy: Addressing Educational, Physical, and Mental Health Needs in the Juvenile Justice System


Hill Day – June 14

Conference Dates – June 15-16

Council of SAGs Meeting – June 17


Washington Hilton Hotel

1919 Connecticut Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20009


Each year, the Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) hosts a national conference uniquely focused on improving juvenile justice and delinquency prevention systems, services, practices, and policies. More than 350 juvenile justice practitioners, policymakers, and advocates from across the U.S. and its territories are expected to attend. For more information about CJJ, please visit www.juvjustice.org.

CJJ’s 2017 Annual Conference will focus on the latest research, developments, and challenges facing our field today. Specifically:

  • What can be done to help ensure access to educational, physical, and mental health services before youth come into contact with the juvenile justice system?

  • How can we use what we know about youth development to improve educational and health services for young people who are involved with the system?

  • What can be done to ensure systems remain accountable for providing youth with adequate services?

What role does advocacy play as communities seek to improve services and provide for trauma-informed care for children and youth?