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Onion Omega Survey

1. Please list your top 5 programming languages and your expertise level for each (1=Beginner, 2=Intermediate, 3=Advanced):
Space Cell LanguageExpertise
2. What programming languages would you like to see supported by the Omega?
3. Which of the following best describes your hardware skills?
4. Are you generally working on any of the following?
5. How did you hear about Onion or the Omega? (select all that apply)
6. Why did you choose the Omega? (pick top 3)
8. How would you rate the Onion Omega setup experience? (5 = amazing)
9. When you purchased your Omega, did you have a project in mind?
13. What other Expansions or Docks would you like to see?
14. Which other hardware dev boards do you currently own?
15. Which of these services would you use and see a great need for? (pick up to 5)
19. Where do you usually go to find hardware dev tutorials, projects, etc.?
20. What would you say are the 3 best things about the Omega product or experience?
21. What would you say are the 3 worst things about the Omega product or experience?
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