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Facebook Ads Quiz - 1

Consider this quiz something of a "pre-test!" I don't expect beginner advertisers to know many -- if any -- of the answers to these questions. THAT'S OKAY!

The goal here is for you to figure out what you know and what you don't know -- and to help me understand that as well. DON'T GUESS! If you really don't know an answer to a question, simply select "I have no idea."

Your answers are completely anonymous and there is no prize given to those with the best scores.

You have 15 minutes... GOOD LUCK!
1. What does CPM stand for?
2. How does Facebook measure a "click" when calculating CPC?
3. Which cannot currently be the audience source when creating a Lookalike Audience?
4. Which of the following does clicking the "Boost" button NOT allow you to do?
5. How often does Facebook update an email Custom Audience after you've uploaded an email list?
6. How often does Facebook update a Website Custom Audience after you've created one?
7. What's the minimum number of contacts that must be in a source audience before Facebook will create a Lookalike Audience?
8. Which of the following audiences can you target without specifying a country or location?
9. What's the minimum audience size required for Facebook to show data from it within Audience Insights?
10. Which of the following can't you do with a Custom Conversion?
11. From which of the following browsers can Power Editor be accessed?
12. Which of the following placements can be selected in Power Editor when selecting the "Lead Generation" objective in Power Editor?
13. Which of the following is most true of a Website Custom Audience?
14. Which of the following is not currently an option when creating Website Custom Audiences?
15. Which of the following is not currently an example of a component that can be added to a Canvas ad?
16. What is currently the maximum number of Custom Conversions that can be created?
17. Which of the following can't be isolated when clicking "Breakdown" while viewing ad results within the Facebook Ads Manager?
18. Which of the following is an advantage of an Email Custom Audience over a Website Custom Audience?
19. What is Daily Unique Reach when editing an ad set?
20. Which of the following is not currently an objective option when creating a campaign within Power Editor?
21. Which of the following is not currently true about Facebook Lead Ads?
22. At what level would you select placement within Power Editor?
23. Which of the following is true when adding multiple ads to an ad set?
24. At what level might you choose "Auction," "Fixed Price" or "Reach and Frequency" buying types?
25. Which of the following is not true about Facebook's 20% text rule in images?
26. True or False: The Facebook pixel should be placed before the closing < / BODY > tag of your website template.
27. True or False: The maximum number of times you can reach fans with an ad in the news feed in a day is four.
28. True or False: By default, Facebook's attribution window for reporting a conversion is anyone who converted after seeing an ad within a day and anyone who converted after clicking on an ad within 28 days.
29. True or False: When determining whether to show your ad in an auction format, Facebook looks only for the highest bid, ignoring other factors like a user's likeliness to engage with the ad.
30. True or False: When using the "Clicks to Website" objective within Power Editor, advertisers will have the option to be charged each time an ad is clicked or each time an ad impression is shown.
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