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Alliance Mapping

The Southern African Gender Protocol Alliance is a “network of networks” that campaigned for the adoption, ratification and now implementation of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development.  This unique sub-regional instrument that brings together continental and global commitments to gender equality and enhances them through time bound targets is being updated and aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals, Beijing Plus Twenty and the African Agenda 2063 as a result of Alliance advocacy for a strong regional post-2015 agenda. To strengthen the network for the tasks ahead, the Alliance is conducting a mapping exercise of its country coordinating networks, their affiliates, and the regional theme clusters that drive strong campaigns nationally and regionally. Please take a moment to fill out this online form which will take approximately twenty minutes.
If you are not already a member of the Alliance, filling out this form and stating that you wish to become a member will generate a membership confirmation form. The Alliance and Partnerships unit at Gender Links will conduct an analysis of the results. The online form will be publicised by the Alliance steering committee, that comprises country networks and theme cluster leads, at the annual meeting week 1 May and during country consultations on the Post 2015 agenda in May – June. Thank you for lending your support to the Post 2015 action and results campaign for gender equality!
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