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Carers Services Evaluation


We would like to know how satisfied carers are with the support services in the area.  Your response will help us to identify which support services are working well and those which could be improved.  

The survey will take no longer than seven minutes.  Your response is anonymous and will be stored in accordance with our data protection policy. You will not be asked to provide information that allows you to be identified.  Any publications based on the survey results will show only aggregated data, not individual responses.

Only complete those sections relevant to you and your experiences in the last 12 months.
1. Do you have a Carer Support Plan? (previously known as ‘Carers Assessment’)
As a carer, you are legally entitled to have a Carer Support Plan.  If you currently don’t have a Carer Support Plan and you’d like to know more, please leave your details at the end of this survey.

Your feedback is important to us.  Please complete the survey even if you do not have a Carer Support Plan.