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Victorian Senior Practitioner RISET

riset logoHas a restrictive intervention occurred? 

The Victorian Senior Practitioner Restrictive Intervention Self-Assessment Tool (RISET) is an educational tool that's designed to help you understand restrictive practices and how their use can be reduced. RISET does not record any identifying information about you, the house you're working at, or the person with a disability you work with. For assistance with accessibility: phone the Office of Victorian Senior Practitioner (OVSP) on 9096 8427 or email:

Authorised Program Officer(APO):

Important information for authorised program officers
1. Select the type of restriction your query relates to OR select 'All' to see the various types of restrictions.
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coming soon:
bee-hay-vya: a new approach towards understanding behaviour
The Senior Practitioner's Office is developing an easy to follow online tool that supports services to:
  • reconsider their service-delivery systems, and
  • gather information about the person's needs, and understand how the person's needs could be impacting behaviours.