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Good practices description

General Information

Who is collecting these good practices?

giCASES is a consortium of 14 organizations including companies, universities, and public entities, with the goal of developing new methods for co-creation of knowledge, where industrial partners and universities will jointly develop new case based learning material based on case studies.
The new learning material and collaborative teaching methods will also be tested in university settings. The case studies will be developed using a collaborative platform, where enterprises, universities and also students will collaborate.

What do we mean with a ‘good practice’?

The aim of this questionnaire is to gather information about successful examples of collaboration between the academic sector on one hand and the private and governmental sectors on the other hand. We are interested in good practices. With practices we mean methods and tools for collaboration when creating knowledge (such as courses, learning material, formation activities, publications etc.) as well as collaboration in the teaching activities. The collaboration should be related to real cases of your choice and personal experience and they can be in the Geographical Information domain (closer to our interest) as well as other domains.

Why should you respond?

In order to collect enough practices to select the best ones, we need as many contributions as possible. That is why everyone can actively participate, bringing us new experiences and validating the goodness of various methodologies or tools used.

How long will it take to complete this survey?

It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the survey.

About open questions

Since most of the questions can refer to a wide range of possibilities, feel free to write whatever you think can be useful for us to understand your practice in a better way.

Feel free to add any comment in the dedicated section and let us know if you are available for an interview for further analyse your contribution. Thank you.
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