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Better Behaved Pets CVAH Canine Questionnaire


Please complete the following questions as completely as possible and submit the completed form before your appointment. If you have a telephone consultation scheduled, please ensure you submit the questionnaire the day before your appointment and please upload a video of your pet. This video should be a "day in the life" of your pet, where it eats, sleeps and plays. It should not contain any episodes of aggression if that is the problem.

The completed behaviour record helps us to assess the environment, social interactions, and behaviour of your dog, and hence determine the possible cause(s), prognosis and specific treatment protocol for their problem(s). Specific questions about the problem behaviour(s) will be asked during your consultation.

You can save this questionnaire at any time and come back to it to finish it later.

We look forward to assessing your pet and helping you with the behaviour causing you concern.

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If you have problems completing the questionnaire please contact me on 044 888 9910 as the data can often be recovered if the system seems to stop working. This may save you having to re-enter the information.

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