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The Password Game

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Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, compared people’s perceptions of password strength with the passwords’ vulnerability to guessing in simulated attacks. Take our quiz to see how your perceptions compare to study participants’, as well as to CMU’s models of attackers*:

* Although CMU’s models are quite advanced, they may not always accurately represent how easy or difficult it is for attackers to guess a password.

1. Choose the more secure password:
Although, on average, study participants did not perceive one of these passwords to be stronger than the other, ieatkale88 is actually 4 billion times as secure! ‘iloveyou’ is one of the most common phrases used in passwords, which makes iloveyou88 extremely easy for attackers to guess. By contrast, ‘ieatkale’ appears very rarely. However, it’s best to steer away from any password composed mostly of common words.