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Vibrant Collaboration

A book research for the benefit of humanity

Heinz RobertMy name is Heinz Robert, and since summer 2017 I am working on this book "Vibrant Collaboration - How more honesty and intimacy in teams leads to better collaboration."
I want to explore how dynamics between co-workers generated by feelings and emotions, as well as our life force and our honest and intimate relations on the workplace, are influencing our collaboration in teams and organizations.
Applied honesty, authenticity and a more consciously lived intimacy can support the transmutation of this life-force. And, in turn, this can lead to better conditions in the workplace, more inspiration, productivity, etc.

This questionnaire is meant to collect some empirical data to find answers to this question. Target group is everyone who is working together with other people either as company employee, consultant, working freelance in a project or any collaboration in teams. If you like to support my research please find some time to go through the following pages. It might take you about 20 minutes. I tried to make the questions gender equal, I hope you forgive me any mistake as with more diversity in genders it’s getting more complex. There are some very intimate questions about sexual relations and emotions but there is no way for me to link that to your person. You have the option to refuse to respond. Please start the survey ONLY if you feel confident to go through, otherwise I have to disqualify all the half filled forms. Your data will be kept private.

Thank you!
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