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Talent Hack @ Start Ups! by Aon Hewitt

Welcome to Aon Hewitt’s Talent Hack @ Start Ups

The primary purpose of this questionnaire is to get a clear picture of your business and how your HR practices are aligned with it. The responses we collect from you would help us in understanding the ongoing HR practices of relevance and would enable us to comprehend the future HR requirements for a company of your size and scale. This would in turn, go a long way in helping us to provide you the best services in HR practice that we are known for.

Although the questionnaire is designed keeping in mind the size, scale and stage of maturity of your organization, feel free to skip questions which are not relevant for your particular organization. However, try to be completely precise and accurate for the attempted questions.
You will receive a customized blueprint within 1 month of completion of our study.

Please understand that your responses and company name would be kept absolutely confidential and used strictly for official purposes.

Thank You

Team Aon
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