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Master of Divinity Spiritual Formation Plan

About Your Spiritual Formation

All MDiv student must complete a Spiritual Formation Plan in their first year of their program, regardless of the number of credits completed by the end of your first year or how many credits you transfer into the MDiv.

Components of Spiritual Formation Plan

1. Review of questions for structured conversation with initial responses submitted to campus pastor prior to conversation
     completed 1st semester, during "Spiritual Formation for Leadership" course
2. Structured Conversation with campus pastor 
     done at the end of "Spiritual Formation for Leadership" course or during the 2nd semester of your first year
3. Development of Spiritual Formation Plan submitted to advisor via this online form 
    due the last day of your first year

What is Spiritual Formation at PSR?
At PSR, you will engage in developing spiritual values and practices while cultivating the connection between them. Spiritual formation involves transforming and grounding the whole person in a spirituality that will shape and sustain your change work in the world. This formation happens both individually and in communities of accountability, both conceptually and practically. While spiritual formation has inward dimensions and work, it is informed by and informs the ways in which you move through and impact the world. Spiritual and cultural humility and respect for cross cultural difference aimed at creating a more just and compassionate world where all can flourish are essential components of formation at PSR. Spiritual formation – cultivating and nourishing spiritual roots, caring for soul and body, and opening yourself to experiences of the Holy in the world around you through deep understanding and sustained practices – is at the heart of your theological education.

Purpose of Spiritual Formation Conversation and Plan Development
Your structured conversation with a PSR campus pastor is designed to assist you in discerning and articulating your intentions for fostering your spiritual formation during your degree program. Based on questions you will receive at the end of the course “Spiritual Formation for Leadership,” this conversation will occur at the end of the course or if you do not take this course, during the second semester of your first year

It will be a time of collaboration where you can work together with a campus pastor to determine what spiritual practices you hope to engage, where you might find resources to accomplish your goals, and how you can be supported and empowered in your formation as a religious/spiritual leader. Your understanding and assessment of these spiritual values and practices will then be incorporated in to your Middler Review.