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Baker & McKenzie's 2016 Cloud Computing Survey

We thank you for taking the time to respond to our Cloud Computing Survey. The results will be available on b:INFORM.

The attached link provides a complimentary summary of last year's cloud computing survey results. We trust that you will find it useful. We had responses from industry leading Buyers and Providers of cloud computing services and we look forward to including your response in this year's research.

Following up on last year, this survey – which is being circulated to a large number of enterprises that represent a broad cross-section of the economy – asks participants to provide a variety of information regarding the nature, scope, and breadth of the "cloud computing" challenges and opportunities that they are either managing today, or expect to be managing in the near future. We will anonymize and aggregate all responses, with the goal of generating useful, real-world insights about the challenges and opportunities arising from cloud computing models.
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