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Student Recognition Nomination Form

The Student Recognition Award is a recognition that all students can work towards achieving each term.  Nominations can be made by teachers, peers or yourself. Successful candidates will be determined by a panel of teachers at each grade level. 

Students who have earned the Student Recognition Award will be honoured at the End of Term Assembly.  Parents are welcome to attend the award assembly.

There are 3 categories for the Student Recognition Award:
  1. Learning/Growth Mindset (Self)
  2. Positive Interactions (Others)
  3. Contributing to a Positive School (Environment)

Nominees must meet at least 1 or more expectations from the outlined criteria.  

A teacher must act as a reference to ensure you have met the criteria. 

Term 1 DEADLINE for submissions will be the 1st Friday back from Winter Break (January).

Term 2 DEADLINE for submissions will be the 1st Friday in June.