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Application to Join the Coalition for Juvenile Justice Emerging Leaders Committee

Thank you for your interest in joining the Coalition for Juvenile Justice Emerging Leaders Committee (CJJ ELC). If selected, you will be expected to participate in monthly 1-hour long conference calls and to actively participate in CJJ ELC projects. This will include timely responding to emails, phone calls, text messages, etc. with CJJ staff and fellow committee members and following through on any and all commitments that you make to CJJ ELC’s work.

  1.  Requirements
  • The CJJ ELC shall consist of no more than twenty members, between the age of 16 and 24 at the time of their appointment to the committee.
  • The CJJ ELC shall consist of the CJJ ELC Chair, Vice Chair, four regional representatives, and national members, and shall strive to have a minimum of half of the members be young people with system experience.
  1. Duties:
  • Members must exhibit a mature and responsible attitude at all times while at CJJ ELC meetings, on CJJ ELC calls, and while representing the committee. 
  • Members will participate in the planning and selection process for the annual CJJ Spirit of Youth Award.
  • Members will be required to serve on at least one subcommittee of the CJJ ELC.
  1. Removal from the CJJ ELC:
  • A member not meeting their responsibilities, or who has missed two consecutive unexcused absences without prior notice, will be given one written warning and then, if continuing the behavior, will be asked to resign from the CJJ ELC.
  1. Reporting and Responsibilities
  • The Chairperson will report directly to CJJ on behalf of CJJ ELC and serve as a voting member on the CJJ Executive Board, as per CJJ Bylaws. 
  • CJJ ELC as a whole will make recommendations to CJJ regarding official organizational business, typically at the request of the Executive Board, and support ongoing efforts relating to youth member recruitment, promotion of youth engagement activities, broadening the scope/scale of CJJ’s youth messaging, fundraising, overseeing special topical/content projects, etc.