CMN Matching Fund Application

Before you start...
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You have taken the first step in a God-given journey with the Church Multiplication Network (CMN). The Matching Fund is intended to provide an infusion of money during the pre-launch phase of a church plant. If you haven't already, take time to read through the Matching Fund Qualifications and FAQ.

As you work through the application, please remember to fully complete each section. If you need to save and continue later, use the link at the top of the application. Incomplete applications will delay the process and could potentially cause your application to be denied. Your application must be submitted to CMN twelve (12) weeks prior to the public launch date of your church plant. This will ensure that CMN has ample time to process your application. Below is a checklist of items and information you will need in order to complete your application.

We are committed to making this process a positive experience for you. Please contact CMN team with any questions.

In Christ,
Chris Railey
National Director

Items Needed to Complete a Matching Fund Application:
  • Assemblies of God Minister's ID (see note below if it's been more than two years since you received your credentials or advanced your credential status).
  • New Church Open Form or Parent Affiliated Charter Form completed and sent to District Office.
  • Nationally Certified PAS/Ridley Assessment Report
  • Attend CMN Launch
  • Ministry Plan (please refer to the CMN Ministry Rubric to see the required elements and how your ministry plan will be evaluated.)
  • Photograph of Planter
  • Short ministry biography of planter
  • Church planting coach confirmed and correct contact information
  • All Partners confirmed and correct contact information (see our FAQ for more information about Partners)
  • Bank statements confirming that at least half of the requested amount has been raised in cash. A list of donors and pledged amounts that will come in over the next twelve (12) months.
  • For Parent Affiliated Churches (PACs), Memorandum of Understanding (check out the sample forms for examples and information)
  • CMN requires a background check and credit report for each Matching Fund application. This requirement will be waived if you have either received ministerial credentials for the first time or advanced your credentials to License or Ordained within the past two years.
    • Background Check. When you complete the background check, CMN will receive a notification. This may be paid for by credit card or debit card.
    • Credit Report. You can receive one (1) a free credit report from each agency per calendar year. You will securely upload a credit report for CMN to review in the application process.
You can save & return to your application, by clicking on "Save and continue survey later" near the top of the application.