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Endangered & Aboriginal Language Teaching Methodologies

Teaching Methodologies for Endangered & Aboriginal Languages

Who is this survey for?

This survey is for people who are teachers of Aboriginal / First Nations / endangered languages, or who have been teachers of these languages.

You could be teaching in a language or community centre, or in a school.

Please fill in as much as possible but feel free to skip over anything that is unclear for you. 

Who made this survey, and why?

This survey was made by Dr Meili Fang & David Nathan, who are researching the awareness of mainstream language teaching methods, and the relationship between those methods and the ones used for teaching Aboriginal / First Nations / endangered languages.

Data collection protocol

We promise that any data you provide will only be used for research on language teaching methodologies and we will not share or reveal any names or personal data.  

Please answer the following survey questions. There are 16 questions and the survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.

2. Do you teach in a:
4. Are you a (check all that apply):
6. What are the ages of your learners (check all that apply)?
7. Are your learners learning their:
8. What levels of learners do you teach (check all that apply)?
9. What is the typical size of one of your language classes?
10. Typically, how many hours per week do your learners attend classes?
11. Typically, how long does your language course go for?
13. What are the main skills that you teach the learners (check all that apply)?
14. Do you recognise and use any of these teaching methodologies? If so, please check all that apply:
15. For those teaching methodologies that you selected above, please rate them below (rate all that apply):
Space Cell effectivenesseasy to
number of
language nest
natural method
task-based learning
on-country activities
songs and story telling
computer-based instruction
drama, acting and performances
other cultural performances
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