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Video Marketing Survey & Contest

As a company that helps marketers promote their business, we rely on data and metrics just as much as you do.  We want to hear from you! 

After completing our short survey, share with us your video idea for promoting your company.  The more creative the better!  We will choose one lucky winner and produce the video, valued at $10,000.  Check out out our reel to learn more about us:  JLB Media Reel.  Click for full contest Rules & Regulations.

1. Is video marketing worth the investment? *This question is required.
2. How much is too much to pay for a video? *This question is required.
3. Do you plan to allocate more of your marketing budget towards digital media (social media, online video, mobile) and less towards traditional (mailers, broadcast, print)? *This question is required.
4. Tell us who you are and your cool video idea! *This question is required.
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