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Personal Readiness to Exit Self-Assessment

1. I am excited about the next chapter of my life after practicing dentistry.
2. I feel that I am doing a good job balancing work and my life outside my work.
3. My relationships with my staff are more satisfying than with my family.
4. If I didn't have the dental practice, there would plenty of other things to do.
5. It would be easy to sell my practice if the right offer came along.
6. I have not given much thought to what I will do after I sell my practice.  
7. I actively participate in hobbies that I enjoy.  
8. Practicing dentistry energizes me more than anything else that I do.
9. I rarely take time off from my practice.
10. At work, I am constantly aware of how the staff perceives my actions and comments.  
11. Keeping up with the changes in dentistry drains me.
12. I have a wide group of friends with whom I do things.  
13. There is one right way to do things- mine.
14. When I am not working at the office, I have a hard time relaxing.  
15. When planning my work schedule, I place high value on my personal activities.
16. If my practice failed, I would consider myself a failure.  
17. Doing a good job of transitioning my practice to new ownership is a high priority for me.
18. My life's purpose involves more than practicing dentistry.  
19. Practicing dentistry is the most rewarding part of my day.
20. My staff respects my personal time.
21. I routinely take time for self-reflection.
22. There are more important things in life than operating my own dental practice.  
23. I am alright with disappointing others in order to lead a balanced life.  
24. Practicing dentistry is what I do, it does not define who I am.  
26. My business entity is a:
27. How many years have you owned your practice?
28. How financially dependent are you on income from your practice?
29. What is the likely timing for the sale of your practice?
30. Do you have an interest in staying on as a provider to the practice buyer once the practice is sold?
31. What were the gross collections of the practice the last full calendar year or fiscal year?
32. What is your age?
33. How would you best describe your state of readiness to transition your practice to new ownership?